Advanced Product Fields Helper

Project Details

The “Woocommerce Advanced Product Field Helper” is a plugin designed to enhance the functionality of the WooCommerce Advanced Product Fields (WAPF) extension. It enables the saving of customized product images, which can be included in order details and email notifications for a more personalized shopping experience. The “Woocommerce Advanced Product Field Helper” plugin enhances the capabilities of the WooCommerce Advanced Product Fields extension, enabling you to create a more personalized and engaging shopping experience for your customers.

With this extension, users can customize their products and save the changes. After adding the customized product to the cart, the product image, along with the order details, is displayed to the admin. This provides the admin with an exact representation of what the customer desires. Similarly, the customized image is also included in the customer’s order details, making it easier for them to see what they have ordered.

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