Pet Event Booking System
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Project Details

The Pet Event Booking System is a powerful WooCommerce plugin that simplifies pet event booking. It seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, enabling easy browsing, selection, and secure booking of pet events. With intuitive event creation, inventory management, and payment processing, it streamlines the entire booking process. Whether it’s a pet show, training class, or adoption event, this system offers a user-friendly experience for organizers and pet owners.

The administrator can add an event (Woocommerce Product). Along with the event, custom meta keys have been added, such as minimum pets, maximum pets, number of persons, and so on. Then the administrator can add schedules for the event.

Custom fields have been added to the customer registration in Woocommerce. After registering, the customer can add their pets with their details, including images, and so on.

After registering their pets, the customer can book an event and each event has its own requirements. Based on those requirements, the customer can add pets and persons and a bill is generated. Then the customer can proceed with the booking.

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