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Supercharge your WooCommerce store with Product Request a Quote! This game-changing plugin empowers customers to effortlessly request custom quotes for products, revolutionizing the way you sell. Seamlessly integrated into your store, it enhances customer engagement, allows for flexible pricing, and opens the door for personalized negotiations. Say goodbye to rigid price tags and embrace a dynamic sales process that will leave your customers delighted and coming back for more. Unlock the power of Product Request a Quote and take your sales to new heights!

In Woocommerce, an “Add to Quote” button is added with every product. After selecting the product details, the customer can click on “Add to Quote” and proceed to the checkout form. At the checkout form, they can provide their details and submit a quote request.

On the admin side, the administrator receives the quote request as if it were an order. They can view the list of quote requests, including the details of the requested products. The administrator also has the ability to change the status of the quote requests, such as accepting, declining, or negotiating the quote.

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